Specimen Preparation Equipment


LKB knifemaker for making knives from sheet glass, it cuts and scores glass diagonally into two pieces, one with a straight sharp edge.

Zeiss Ultracut E & S ultramicrotomes are used for thick and thin sectioning of resin-embedded specimens, and will cut sections as thin as 50nm for TEM or 1-5 micron sections for light microscopy.

Leica EM automatic microwave tissue processor will rapidly process, embed, and polymerize specimens into resin.

EMS 3000 critical point drier has a horizontal pressure chamber measuring 30.1 mm internal diameter x 82 mm in length. The chamber has an external water jacket for temperature control and specimens are introduced via a removable rear door. The front of the chamber is fitted with a 25 mm diameter window which permits easy viewing of the liquid level.