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Scheduling Policy

The Google Scheduling calendar should be used to sign up for unassisted time on the instrument. This system will be used to maintain a record of use for the instrument, guarantee instrument availability, as well as information for billing purposes.

Prime time = 9AM- 6PM
Users may schedule 1-3 hour blocks during prime time. Each user is limited to a total of 3 prime time sign-ups at any given time and no more than 2 prime time sign-ups per week. This means if you have signed up for two blocks of prime time for the current week (6 hours total), you can only sign-up for one more 3-hour prime time block in the following week or weeks ahead.  Once you used one of your prime time sessions, you can then sign-up for another. There are no limits when signing up for evenings, holidays and weekends.

*Please contact the manager for special circumstances/experiments.

Cancellation: If for any reason you cannot use your session, it is YOUR responsibility to delete the signup entry from the Google reservation calendar on the web as early as possible.

Grabbing Time: Vacant and canceled time slots can be grabbed by any qualified user 24 hours in advance without being counted against your sign-up quota. The grabbed time should also be entered in the Google reservation calendar.

Tardiness: If a user does not show up after one hour from the entered starting time, his/her reservation will be lost. Any qualified user can grab this session if they see the scope is free. Tardy users can also grab their own session upon arrival, if the session is still available. Users will be billed applicable hourly fees for missed appointments.