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RCA Stage 3

RCA Stage 3 Policies

  • Increased density of users and more flexibility with scheduling. 
  • Training new users on the instruments (contact
  • Offering full service imaging; please see work order submission process.

Facility Access

  • Instrument users must fill out and sign our Safety Policy and Access Request form for access to the equipment/facilities (no need to re-submit if you have already filled out this form during Stage 2).

Building Access 

  • Users must comply with each building’s respective entry/tracking protocol for each imaging session:
    • Biological Sciences: No entry on weekends.
    • Physics:
      • Sign in and out via a Google form. Contact building manager ( for login information.
      • This building has remained locked, so you will need a key to enter.

Scheduling Policy

  • Sign up for instruments at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Schedule at least an hour time buffer between each session. 
  • Follow the density requirements for each facility.
    • Biological Sciences:  3 people allowed simultaneously within separate microscope rooms (ie.  Room 083 Leica stereoscope or Zeiss Axio Observer, Room 084 Leica confocal, Room 086 FEI TEM). No entry on weekends.
    • ILSB:  2 people allowed simultaneously on separate instruments (ie. Room 324G Zeiss confocal, Room 324H Flow cytometer or Room 324 Zeiss Stereoscope).
    • Physics: 2 people allowed simultaneously on separate microscopes (AFM or FEI SEM).

Usage Policy 

  • Masks are required at all times (no eating while in the facility).
  • Only the person that signed up for the time is allowed (i.e no labmates, friends, etc.)
  • Keep the microscope room door closed while you are imaging, if applicable.
  • Maintain a 3 ft distance from other users at all times.
  • Immediately upload images to your Box or Google Drive because you will not be able to reenter the facility unless you are on the schedule.
  • Disinfectants and hand sanitizer will be located in each room. You must sanitize your hands before operating the instruments and disinfect the mouse, keyboard, desk and light switches before and after usage.