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Service & Rates

Instrument Rates

The Imaging Core provides researchers with the opportunity to image live, fixed, unlabeled or fluorescent-labeled samples using one of several available microscopes.  Services include training on all equipment, guidance on experimental design and technician-assisted microscope operation.

University System Rate Commercial Rate
Trained User Assisted Use Trained User Assisted Use
Confocal Microscope: Leica SP5 $25.00/hour $95.00/hour $80.00/hour $150.00/hour
Transmission Electron Microscopes:
FEI Morgagni and Zeiss-1OCA
$53.00/hour $125.00/hour $100.00/hour $170.00/hour
Atomic Force Microscope: Axiovert Bioscope II $25.00/hour $95.00/hour $50.00/hour $120.00/hour
Leica M205 FA Stereoscope $7.00/hour  $77.00/hour $7.00/hour  $77.00/hou

3D Print Pricing

For standard resin types: $0.33/mL of resin ($5 minimum)

  • Prints include a base and supports. The amount of resin used for the base/supports will be included in the total volume.
  • While it is possible to use save resin by either minimizing the number of supports or by reducing their diameter, KPIF staff have the sole discretion to refuse adjustments to any print if they feel such alteration may otherwise compromise the integrity of the print or the printing hardware.