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Service & Rates

Instrument Rates

The Imaging Core provides researchers with the opportunity to image live, fixed, unlabeled or fluorescent-labeled samples using one of several available microscopes.  Services include training on all equipment, guidance on experimental design and technician-assisted microscope operation.

University System Rate Commercial Rate
Trained User Assisted Use Trained User Assisted Use
Confocal Microscope: Leica SP5 $25.00/hour $95.00/hour $80.00/hour $150.00/hour
Transmission Electron Microscope: FEI Morgagni $53.00/hour $125.00/hour $100.00/hour $170.00/hour
Atomic Force Microscope: Axiovert Bioscope II $25.00/hour $95.00/hour $50.00/hour $120.00/hour
Fluorescence Stereoscope: Leica M205 FA $7.00/hour $77.00/hour $27.00/hour $97.00/hour
Inverted Microscope with Apotome: Zeiss Axio Observer 7 $15.00/hour $85.00/hour $40.00/hour $110.00/hour
Flow Cytometer: Beckman Coulter CyAn ADP $40.00/hour $110.00/hour $60.00/hour $130.00/hour