Scanning Electron Microscopy

FEI Nova NanoSEM 450, Physics 305

The FEI Nova NanoSEM 450 is a modern field-emission scanning electron microscope with 1 nm ultimate resolution, large sample chamber with advanced motorized stage, and navigation supported by an in-chamber camera. High- and low-vacuum operations are possible. The system also includes EDS capability (Oxford Aztec). The purchase of the system was funded by NSF MRI grant number DMR_1337727.

  • 200 V-30 kV accelerating voltage, 0-4 stage bias
  • 110 x 100 mm, 5-axis, motorized, eucentric stage
  • Integrated plasma cleaner
  • Detectors:
    • Everhard-Thornley secondary electron
    • Segmented back-scattered electron
    • Through-the-lens
    • Low vacuum and gaseous analytical
    • Solid state STEM