Phage Imaging for the Classroom

We produce TEM images of bacteriophage for identification and characterization. Typically, three photos per sample are provided for measurements with at least one nice “headshot” to upload for PhagesDB. Service requests will be performed within 3 days of sample receipt or samples can be imaged live with the students watching via teleconference, which requires at least a two-week lead time for scheduling. Resulting images will be provided via a shared Google Drive and need to be downloaded within one week (we do not store data or samples). Please acknowledge the KPIF in any resulting publications and share them with us.

Sample preparation: Students can prepare their own grids and/or provide lysate.  If students prepare their grids, please have them produce two per sample. Grids must be completely dry before they are placed into the grid box. If students are unable to prepare grids, please provide 50 µl of lysate that is as freshly collected as possible. Lysate samples should be deposited in 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes clearly labeled with the sample number, which is easier to read than student names or initials.  Tubes should wrapped in parafilm and placed inside a larger container such as a  50 ml centrifuge tube.

Shipping:  Grid boxes can be shipped in a padded mailer. Lysate should be shipped in an insulated shipping box with a cold pack and labeled “keep refrigerated” so our departmental receiving office will refrigerate upon arrival. Use overnight shipping for lysate and make sure the package will arrive before the end of the week so the lysate doesn’t sit over the weekend.  UPS is more reliable but we realize that many groups only have a FedEx account, so please add the phone number below (FedEx sometimes delivers to the wrong address). Send the tracking number to

Tagide deCarvalho

(301) 529-5008

Warehouse B / Biology

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

1000 Hilltop Circle

Baltimore, MD 21250

Cost: Imaging takes approximately 15 mins per sample @ $165.00 per hour (TEM assisted usage, academic rate). Quotes and vendor information are available on request.

Billing: We require you to fill out a KPIF_Billing_info_form to provide us with the name, phone number, email, and address of your business contact/accounts payable person, as well as your organization’s federal Tax Identification Number. A bill will be sent by our external billing office approximately one month after the work request is performed.