General Policy

New User Training

UMBC researchers are required to submit a New User Information Form to request training and facility access. Non-UMBC users need to contact staff directly. A training session will consist of approximately one hour of assisted time on the instrument, followed by semi-independent practice where the user will be expected to show they can use the instrument without assistance.


Each instrument has a set of Google session log forms that users are required to submit at the beginning and end of their time on the instrument.  Users are also required to contact the director  of any equipment errors or issues during your session, please review the error reporting procedure.


Users must schedule their imaging sessions via the Google room calendars

Prime time = 9AM- 5PM, Mon-Fri 
Users may schedule 1-3 hour blocks during prime time. Each user is limited to a total of 3 prime time sign-ups at any given time and no more than 2 prime time sign-ups per week. This means if you have signed up for two blocks of prime time for the current week (6 hours total), you can only sign-up for one more 3-hour prime time block in the following week or weeks ahead.  Once you used one of your prime time sessions, you can then sign-up for another. There are no limits when signing up for evenings, holidays and weekends. NOTE: You can continue to use the instrument beyond your 3 hour session if there is no other reservation on the schedule. Please contact the manager for special circumstances/experiments.

Cancellation: If for any reason you cannot use your session, it is your responsibility to delete the entry as early as possible.

Data Management

Effective October 1, 2021, long term data storage will no longer be available at the KPIF. Instrument users will be required to immediately upload to a Box or Google drive. As a courtesy, data will be stored for 24 hours on the instrument hard drives and one week in the shared folders on Dr. deCarvalho’s Google drive.


You are required to acknowledge the Keith Porter Imaging Facility in all publications and other forms of media and include NSF MRI award information for the Leica SP5 (DBI-0722569) and FEI Nova NanoSEM 450 (DMR-1337727). Please consider authorship if the director or staff has contributed significantly to the development of your experimental design or publication.