Widefield Microscopy

Zeiss Axio Observer 7 Inverted Microscope with Apotome .2 is an inverted transmitted light (brightfield/phase/DIC) and fluorescence microscope with a motorized Z-axis control for optical sectioning. The Apotome attachment allows for structured illumination, which eliminates out of focus/scatted light. Filters include DAPI, GFP, and DsRed. Digital cameras= 6 MP Axiocam 506 monochrome and 5 MP Axiocam 105 color.

Magnification Objective Class Immersion Contrast NA Cover glass thickness Working distance (mm)
5x* A Plan Dry None 0.12 Insensitive 10.10
10x EC Plan-Neofluar Dry Ph1 0.30 Insensitive 5.20
20x Plan-Apochromat Dry DIC 0.80 0.17 mm (#1.5) 0.55
63x Plan-Apochromat Oil DIC 1.40 0.17 mm (#1.5) 0.19
100x α-Plan Apochromat Oil DIC 1.46 0.17 mm (#1.5) 0.11

* Please request 5x objective if need, it floats between this microscope and the confocal in the ILSB.