Widefield Microscopy


Zeiss Axio Observer 7 Inverted Microscope with Apotome .2 is an inverted microscope with transmitted (brightfield/phase/DIC) and fluorescence illumination. This unit has a motorized Z-axis for optical sectioning. The Apotome attachment allows for structured illumination, which eliminates out of focus/scatted light. Fluorescence filters include DAPI, GFP, and TexasRed. Digital cameras= 6 MP Axiocam 506 monochrome and 5 MP Axiocam 105 color.

Please use this guide or the Thermofisher Fluorescence SpectraViewer to determine which fluorophores will work with our filter set.


Filter cubes Matching fluorophores  Avoid using these fluorophores
DAPI Hoechst Pacific Blue
GFP FITC, GFP, AlexaFluor 488 AlexaFluor 514, YFP
DsRed Texas Red, tdTomato, AlexaFluor 555 & 594 Cy3, Cy5, Sytox Red, AlexaFluor 647


Mag Class Immersion Contrast NA Cover glass WD (mm)
5x* A Plan Dry None 0.12 Insensitive 10.10
10x EC Plan-Neofluar Dry Ph1 0.30 Insensitive 5.20
20x Plan-Apochromat Dry DIC 0.80 0.17 mm (#1.5) 0.55
40x Plan-Neofluar Oil None 1.30 0.17 mm (#1.5) 0.21
63x Plan-Apochromat Oil DIC 1.40 0.17 mm (#1.5) 0.19
100x α-Plan Apochromat Oil DIC 1.46 0.17 mm (#1.5) 0.11

* WD = Working distance, which determines the depth of focus

* Please request 5x objective if need, it floats between this microscope and the confocal in the ILSB.