Session Log Forms

  • You are required to record your instrument usage with the KPIF instrument session log forms. Log submissions must accurately reflect your actual usage of the instrument.
  • For all instruments in Biological Sciences and ILSB, a browser window with the instrument specific log in and log out forms will automatically popup during opening and closing the acquisition software, respectively.
  • For instruments in Physics, users will need to manually open a browser window to submit the forms below.
  • If you forget to log your hours during your session, please send an email with your session information to KPIF staff.



FEI SEM Login               FEI SEM Logout

Veeco AFM Login          Veeco AFM Logout


Biological Sciences 

TEM Login                        TEM Logout

Leica Confocal Login        Leica Confocal Logout

Axio Observer Login         Axio Observer Logout

Leica Stereoscope Login  Leica Stereoscope Logout



Zeiss Confocal Login       Zeiss Confocal Logout

Zeiss Axiozoom Login     Zeiss Axiozoom Logout


Staff use only

Assisted Session Login   Assisted Session Logout